Women have a beautiful light and powerful force within them.
I invite you to connect with yours today!
Womb Light™ is a healing experience that clears blockages, balances chakras and activates your internal power source, your personal Womb Light. It incorporates multiple practices such as life force energy, subconscious language, breathe work and more. It is done remotely through a guided meditation and can help women is any stage of Motherhood and the journey to it. I have used it on myself, my clients and now currently am training others around the globe to practice as well.
  • Designed to release any trauma or negative energies, balance & stabilize your prana and activate the light of creation you hold within.
  • Guided through a journey within your beautiful vessel to intimately become aware of yourself on physical, emotional and energetic levels.
  • The best time for these sessions is between cycle day 3 and 5 if trying to conceive.
  • These are also recommended when you are expecting or after birth.
  • Womb Light™ Experiences are a compilation of Life Force Energy Work, EFT, Breathe Work, Yoga and Subconscious Language Techniques. They are unlike any other healing session you have experienced.
  • Womb Light™ invokes active participation from you during the session so that you have a greater impact on your own healing and feel more empowered by the results!

I want to offer each women a Introductory 30 Minute Session to Cleanse, Balance and Activate your Womb Light™ for just $49!

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