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Jessica Logan:Interview: Women Who Rise: Part 2 Sunday 9:00-10:00AM

Jessica is a beautiful soul. She is resilient, loving, smart, and strong. Her life has definitely had challenges however she remains forever optimistic and is making moves necessary to rise above the storm. She is a Sarcoma Survivor.Her family is her foundation, and she soars over the clouds.

Instagram @jessica__logan_

Kiernan Buschert: Yoga Benefits and BeginningSteps Sunday 12:00-1:00PM

Kiernan is the creator of The Yogiste. She wants to spread beauty with others. Raw and deep beauty, taking your light within to radiate outward and lead with your sunshine. She is a certified yoga teacher who looks for creating an online community to help others cultivate a 24 hour practice, no matter where they are in this world. Specialized in 7 different styles, (Integral, Raja, Hatha, Ashtanga, Power, Sports, Choreo, Yoga Therapy.) She seeks to mold a practice around you that will feel right for each individual. I enjoy the change I see within each individual, and want to help them discover more of their power. She hopes to help others strive for greater, better, and become more of who they aspire to be.

Instagram: @theyogiste

Facebook: Kiernan Buschert

Website: theyogiste.com/

Jen Dean Mizzi:Interview: Women Who Rise: Part3 Sunday 1:30-2:30PM

Jen Dean Mizzi is pediatric cancer survivor, Near Death Experiencer, pediatric nurse, reiki therapist, spiritual Doula but most importantly, an auntie-mommy to three beautiful souls. After having her near death experience at 14 years old, her realization that she was a spiritual being having a human experience instead of the other way around. Upon waking from the impossible, she started down such a charmed spiritual path which has contained several twists and turns but has taught her how to truly follow her heart because it will always lead her out of the darkness and into the light. She knows she is guided and protected every step of the way. Her life has brought her to a new path recently. Her new spiritual journey had been motherhood. This path is a path that she was not sure she would ever get to be on. Considering she had chemotherapy in her adolescence to treat her Leukemia, she was thought to be infertile. Becoming a mother has healed her in ways that western medicine never could have. She has been healed with the purest form of love available to humans, a mother’s love for her child. This love surpasses all other loves by light years. It is a love that can and will heal our world. She is proud to be on this magical path where she can help herself and other’s to truly embrace this beautiful divine feminine energy flowing to us right now on Earth. We are all here to learn lessons and love. Becoming a mother is absolutely her heaven on earth and I feel blessed to be here. Her heart is so full it feels like it could burst at times. She is here to guide other’s to their inner light with the use of love and compassion. After all, inside you heart space is where all the magic is.

Sacred Journey Healing Servies website:

Sacred Journey Healing Services Facebook Site:

Jen Dean Mizzi YouTube channel:



Jill Dillner: Be Gentle with Yourself Sunday 3:00-4:00PM

Jill is the Owner of Wise Birth Choices Doula Agency and a Certified Gentlebirth Instructor. She specializes in Birth Doulas, Post Partum, Lactation, and Holistic Services. She offers a variety of classes as well.

Instagram: @NJdoulas

Facebook: Wise Birth Choices and DoulaJill Dillner

Website: www,wisebirthchoices.com


Jen Alvarez: Dream Manifestation 6:00-7:00pm

Jen “The Rainmaker” Alvarez is a former corporate coach with a calling to teach the wisdom of her indigenous ancestry to people in tech and entertainment. She bridges Toltec teachings, brain science, quantum physics, and spirituality with her Dream Planting technique.

What you don’t get from Jen is rehashed self-help or pseudo-motivational blah blah blah. Her work helps people be more confident, creative, make money, be successful, and shows them how to create their dream lives.

She has been learning these practices from her ancestors and elders in the community since childhood and as an adult she was called to pass on these traditions to help people manifest their dream lives.

Her mission as a Native Dream Guide and Wisdom Carrier is to preserve the traditions of her ancestors and teach others how they can have it all and make it rain in every area of their life.

Jen The Rainmaker provides one on one dream planting journeys, inspirational speaking, facilitating events, ceremonies, and group training programs. She currently has an online school called DreamU: Where All Your Dreams Come True that has helped many students manifest their dreams.

Until recently this wisdom has only been passed down orally. Her intention is to keep this work sacred so she works with who she is called to through personal connections, people who are referred to her, and those who reach out that she feels aligned to. This work is meant to be experienced and not explained in simple words.

You can connect with her on:

Facebook at www.facebook.com/JenTheRainmaker

IG at www.instagram.com/JenTheRainmaker

Email JenTheRainmaker@gmail.com

Website www.jentherainmaker@gmail.com

Her DreamU program is currently open for enrollment. You can message her on FB or email to get an application and find out about other ways you can work with her. Partial scholarships and payment plans are available.

She is currently raising funds for an organization and is offering a discount for her one on one dream planting sessions. This session includes 2 dream planting arrangements and a follow up call.

Prosperity Exchange is $111. (Reg. $444) You can message her on FB or email for more info and set up your session.

She is also offering a workshop called Beyond The Board: Tap Into The Vibration of Prosperity This is a 2 part workshop where you will learn how to create a dream board and what to do before and after you create it to activate it. These teachings have never been shared before. First class will be 9/21. Prosperity Exchange is $111. (Reg $444) You can message her on FB or email for more info and set up your session.


Jamie Zazzara: Crystal Singing Bowls Sunday 7:00-8:00PM

Be Happy Be Free, LLC was created to assist people live a happy and healthy life. Jaime Zazzara is a Professional Empowerment and Life Coach who specializes in Spirituality, Health & Wellness including Nutritional coaching. It is our goal to spread love and light through empowerment, support, and encouragement. Jaime’s mission is to empower and ignite your soul on fire to live the life you desire. It is NOT too late to change. Choose Faith vs fear. Love vs hate. Peace vs Anger. Positive vs Negative! YES you can feel happy and content in all areas of your life. Join our Tribe on Facebook to connect with like minded individuals and join our challenges. Be Happy Be Free hosts events such as Chakra Bowl Meditation Sound Healing, Empowerment Events, Vision Board workshops, etc.

Join Her Self Love Challenge Starts 10/1/18







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