I am so thrilled to have you come along on this journey of joy, compassion, and enlightenment of the beautiful souls of ours and the even brighter ones in our little ones.

These will be stories and interactive lessons for you and your child(ren) to experience together.

Each section builds upon the others to create a foundation of Love.

Please join our Facebook Tribe so we can interact with one another throughout our time together. Hopefully build relationships with each other as well.

I understand we are all Mamas and have a lot of responsibility, but I hope you find small spaces of time throughout your day to practice. Little changes will have a BIG impact.

I am so grateful to begin this journey…

so let’s start with Our Introduction Week Video here. & don’t forget the Introduction Course Materials too.


Awareness Instruction Video

Awareness Meditation Video

Awareness Course Materials


Acceptance Instruction Video

Acceptance Meditation Video

Acceptance Course Materials


Gratitude Instruction Video

Gratitude Meditation Video

Gratitude Course Materials


Joy Instruction Video

Joy Meditation Video

Joyful Moment #1 Joyful Moment #2 Joyful Moment #3

Joy Course Materials


Kindness Instruction Video

Kindness Meditation Video

Kindness Course Materials


Generosity Instruction Video

Generosity Meditation Video

Generosity Course Materials


Abundance Instruction Video

Abundance Meditation Video

Abundance Course Materials


Silence Instruction Video

Silence Meditation Video

Silence Course Materials

Namaste and Love?