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Alesha Courtney: Mama Friendly Sweat Session Friday 11:45-12:15PM

Alesha Lazan, owner of Alesha Courtney Fitness is a personal trainer and nutritionist who has a passion for helping women gain self confidence through health. She went through her own health journey and realized she could heal through proper nutrition and the right kind of exercise. Alesha specializes in high intensity interval training where you get a great sweat in a short amount of time. She also designs custom meal plans that are all real food based and designed off the clients busy schedule.

Instagram: @aleshacourtneyfitness

Facebook Group: Alesha Courtney Fitness

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Giana Zabriski: Find Your Tribe Friday 12:30-1:30PM

Giana has been blogging for 10+ years and really decided to dive in once becoming a mom 4 years ago. My work has grown tremendously in the last year and have been working with brands like Target, Amazon, Origins + multiple small businesses. I love building a community of strong willed mamas + women who are always striving for more. She has also spoken at my Miindful Mama and Me Retreat in July!

IG: @gniccccc

FB: Giana Nicole (personal account)

FB: Giana Nicole (blog account)


Charlotte Lewington: Parenting with Purpose Friday 2:00-3:00PM

As a dedicated Life Transformation and Empowerment Coach, Charlotte is on a mission to serve 1 million women by 2022, around the globe. She has an extensive background in working with children and their families and understands the pressures of motherhood. She wants Mums to know, you don’t have to do it alone. She is located in the UK! And has a BSC in Psychology, MSC Children and Young People, and is an aspiring entrepreneur. She is eagerly working to help Mums find their purpose!

Instagram: @charlotte.lew1ngton

Facebook: The Ultimate First-Time Mums Group

Monique Gaffney:Healing Core Wounds Friday 3:00-4:00PM

Monique Gaffney, The Spirit Guided Coach

Stepping into her role as “The Spirit Guided Coach” after a 17 year “corporate detour”, Monique now teaches others what she has learned: how to heal their life in mind, body and spirit, and discover their Divine Purpose so that they can speak authentically, love wholly, and live their Truth.
If you’ve ever had that whisper or feeling that says,
“I know I should be doing something MORE with my life…”,
she is here to confirm that you have indeed been called to do great things, to live in Love and for a Purpose, and she is honored to guide you on that journey.







Karleen McKelvey:Interview: Women Who Rise: Part 1 Friday 4:30-5:30PM

Karleen is a mom of 2 boys and within the last year gained 3 daughters, another son, and 2 grandbabies (who are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself) She is an amazing women who has overcome every obstacle life has thrown at her and she has done it with a positive attitude to boot. She is a focused business women, financial analyst, and loving human. Her story is remarkable and I cannot wait for you to hear it!

Lauren Gitlin: Oils and Motherhood Friday 7:00-8:00PM

As a mother of two herself, Lauren empowers not only moms, but everyone to use essential oils with confidence through simple education on natural wellness. She believes that each person should have oils in their home and is passionate about making this a reality by sharing oils through daily interactions, make and take workshops and virtual classes. Join her in this essential oils movement and awaken your body and soul with the powerful healing properties of essential oils. It starts with one drop, one person, one family, one community at a time.

Instagram: legitoils

Facebook page: legitoils


Upcoming events:

“Wellness Workshop: Essential Oil Roller Blends” 9/15 at 1:30 at the Asbury Park Fall Bazaar in Convention Hall. Asbury Park, NJ.

“Sound Off Yoga Under the Stars Fall Equinox” 9/22 at 4:00 at the Yoga Barn, Farmingdale, NJ.

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20% off select enrollment kits for the rest of September along with exclusive access to oil education and free gifts.

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