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Simple Prism Reiki

Katie Porras, Reiki Master and Intuitive Guide

During healing sessions, I invite clients to experience effective physical and emotional shifts while finding a sense of relaxation, grounding, and balance in order to maintain a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle. With the use of crystals, sound healing instruments, and Reiki and Womb Light techniques, I create a welcoming and safe space for healing. I cleanse the aura, balance chakras, break up emotional/energetic blockages, and use grounding and protection processes dependent on client needs. I also work with animal totems as an easy way for spirit to give specific messages. I use my intuition and impressions to help guide clients going through their Spiritual Awakening/Enlightenment journeys as well. I strive to provide positive energy to as many people as I can; to help others keep life simple and light: less stress, higher energy, and a happier sense of self.

I was attuned in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I/II in September 2014 through Master Teacher, Jessica Miller, Reiki Mastery. In August 2017, I received my Usui/Holy Fire II, ART/Master’s certification through Colleen Benelli, Reiki Lifestyle. In January 2019, I received a Holy Fire III upgrade through William Rand, President of the ICRT. In July 2020, I received my Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing through the Sound Healing Academy, and have immersed myself in understanding the emotional and physical healing properties of crystals and essential oils. As of August 2021, I am a Womb Light Master Teacher and incorporate Womb Light healing sessions into my practice. I am currently located in Indianapolis, IN. Please check out the Womb Light registration page to sign up for class with me!



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