I have always been an old soul.

As I get older, I am discovering just how old that soul actually is.

My heart yearns for simplicity and the basic fundamentals of life.

To live how they lived, with some modernizations of course.

But with basic human rights, human practices, and human conventions.

Where women don’t need to fear being sexualized, underpaid, or treated as second class.

Where men don’t need to man up, be the strongest person in the room, or can’t show vulnerability.

Where children are nurtured, loved, and understood not drowned out with technology.

Where everyone has the right to be who they want, love who they want and do what they want as long as no harm is involved or intended.

I want to celebrate the cycles of the moon, stars, and nature. Not holidays made to become industries where corporations capitalize.

I want to birth and honor the consciousness and power of the body, not modern medicine.

I want to spend days in meditation and practice. I want to conduct celebratory rituals with everything cycle.

I want to love and accept all humans for their soul, not their looks, labels, or beliefs.

I want to love all living things and acknowledge the connection of us all.

I want peace, freedom, and the chance to give back to mother Earth.

I want to teach my children how to be good humans without fitting them into a bucket of stereotypes and appropriations.

I want to live simply, of course with some modern conveniences but without being poisoned by food, air, and synthetics.

I want to feel empowered by my body without someone trying to sell me something to change it, look better or feel younger.

I want to be healthy, happy, and humble.

I want to agree to disagree and still love you for all that you are.

I want to work to make a difference in the world, not feel trapped just to keep the essentials for my family.

I want to live where everyone has a choice for their own body, mind, and soul.

I want to live where Moms are nurtured.

I want to live where families are holy, but not an obligation.

I want to travel and experience the world and not be bogged down with stuff.

I want to share my gifts with the world and know I am always provided for.

I want days filled with laughter, dancing, and joy. Not stress, worry and overthinking.

I want to live in a world without broken systems at every turn.

I want to live in a world where people are seen and heard for the right reasons.

I want to not race this made up concept of time.

I want to eat food bountiful and effortlessly with nutrients and vitamins.

I want to create a path, explore new ventures and be around people who understand me.

Anyone with me? Can we create a village free from current society but able to stay connected to those we love!

Why is that asking too much?