I see you. ⁣
I hear and feel you.⁣
I am listening. ⁣

I know what it’s like to walk in your shoes, maybe not the same style or size, but nonetheless, walking in the path of Motherhood. ⁣

I have been through the darkness, been through the deepest trenches of my mind. I have doubted, questioned, and argued with idea if hopeless and worthlessness. ⁣

I was encouraged, supported, and empowered while I created this life inside me, then it all didn’t matter anymore. ⁣

I felt proud, strong, and accomplished after birth; to then feel flawed, useless, and shamed within days. ⁣

My mind was my worst enemy, fueled by society, expectations, and comparisons.⁣

Then something divine happened- I gave myself a Chance. ⁣

A chance to get well.⁣
A chance to birth myself as well.⁣
A chance to grow instead of sink. ⁣

I made a decision that I was worth it.⁣
I made a decision that I was enough.⁣
I made a decision that I could do it.⁣
Without being perfect.⁣
With lots of Grace and Gratitude.⁣

I found my power.⁣

The same power that unconsciously created, grew, and birthed this new life. ⁣

The same power that generations of Mothers have held over centuries. ⁣

The same power we are all connected with. ⁣

It is within us all. ⁣

It is within us always. ⁣

We need to peel back the layers of insecurity, judgement, and guilt in order to uncover it. ⁣

We need to give ourselves a fighting chance. ⁣

We need to know we are fucking worth it all. ⁣

All the support.⁣
All the care.⁣
All the help.⁣
All the grace.⁣
All the love.⁣

I love you,⁣

because you are me and I am you. ⁣

Mama, you are powerful no matter what you have been through. ⁣

Mama, you have the power to move forward and be well. ⁣

Mama, you have the power to create your life. ⁣

I hope you are feeling a little anxious, very excited, and even tingly while reading this.⁣

Because it means you believe that you hold this power, even if it’s a teeny bit at this moment. ⁣

Let us come together and uncover the power we possess. ⁣

With love,⁣
Nicole Obenshine⁣