Before I publish this I want to make sure that I say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the company I work for. It has provided me the opportunities to grow both personally and professionally over the last 4+ years in so many areas. I love my coworkers, the culture, and the future of the company.

With that said, no matter how much love I have for my job and the company that helps me provide for my family, it still is the toughest balance of time and energy I have ever encountered.

Once you become a Mom, your life shifts in so many ways. You have this new responsibility that must come before everything. It creates a constant battle of a Mama mind because as a “career focused” women, it is hard to put yourself and family first without guilt. I am not saying I don’t choose them without a second thought- but #workguilt is almost as bad as #momguilt.


BUT- as much as my company promotes “work-life balance” there is honestly, no such thing.

I will break this down in minutes for you.

There are 7,200 Minutes during the Work Week.

I spend about 750 of them awake with my son.

I spend 2400 of them in the office and 600 of them driving to and from the office..

The rest of the minutes are spent sleeping or spending time with my husband before I fall asleep but after Dylan does.

During the 750 minutes with my son, I have to get ready for work, get him ready for day care, feed him breakfast and dinner, give him a bath some nights and put him to sleep.

So we get maybe 200 of those minute to actually play, cuddle, laugh, and enjoy ourselves.

Who in their right mind believes this is Balance! I get to spend 10% of my work week with my beautiful family and enjoy them for maybe 2% of the time. Of course there’s weekends but is that really justifiable?

Why are work days so long?

Why are we obligated to stay in the office even if we can be completely productive in less hours and then have to find busy work or things to do.

Why is that the culture we have created as a nation?

I give so much credit to Stay at Home Moms… I couldn’t imagine being with them all day everyday- it’s not an easy feat.

But there has to be some sort of happy medium where mom’s can provide for their families while actually getting to enjoy being with them.

I was home for 3 months after my son was born, but I was battling a severe PMAD and when I was finally getting back to myself, I went back to work- now, I believe that helped in a way, but now that my son is at such an amazing, fun age- I would give anything to have more time to see him develop, grow, and LIVE his life with joy love and intrigue for all things.

Who can relate? I know I am not alone–