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The Mama Collective

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa

If there is anything I have learned since being on this Journey of Motherhood, is that we need each other. We are such powerful women, however when we come together our power multiplies. WE are unstoppable. No matter our differences in looks, birth stories, or decisions for our children- we share a commonality unlike any other.

We have created life.

I have met the strongest human beings on this planet. Mothers who have went through struggle, complications, and loss. Mothers who battle their own minds every single day just to make it to the next. Mothers who have committed to themselves and transformed into empowered and centered women.

When we come together we can move mountains. We can unite in the most beautiful way. We can elevate one another in all areas of our lives. We can decide who we are and how our lives are created. We can live freely, joyfully, and in peace.

I know there is a “Mom Society” out there on Social Media that can be cruel, judgmental, over-opinionated and argumentative. I know that most women fear to step fully into their truth as Mothers due to this reality.

However, I am telling you that there is another version of the Motherhood Community. Filled with uplifting, inspirational Mothers that have fully embodied who they are meant to be, who support each other each day, who want the best for all. 

I have found that community, and am building my own Collective of powerful moms to Revitalize their motherhood. To put the vitality back into themselves since beginning their role as a Mother. I want you to join in this group, I want you to commit to yourself, I want you to make the investment that will motivate you to put in the work.

Together we can conquer our own enemies. 

Together we can rise up for our families.

Together we can elevate each other.

Together we can change the way Motherhood.

With Love & Gratitude,