Hello Mamas!

Below is the story of Kym Romanelli!


One of inspiration to keep the faith, no matter what.

Kym did not only experience Post Partum Anxiety, but a very long tough road to conceiving her beautiful little Miracle.

She had five miscarriages, went into shock after labor, and continues to fight through her anxiety while learning the world of motherhood.

The baby also had breathing issues in the hospital and in her early months, which propelled Kym’s anxiety to the moon. She needed her husband to remain home for months to help her get through and also have other family members come to stay.

She experienced anxiety during driving with the baby, and constantly feared the baby was going to die. She felt like just running away from reality.

Her anxiety worsened when Zoe went through a sleep regression at 7 months because of her own lack of restful sleep for such a long period of time until she hired a sleep consultant and made the decision to let go of expectations.

Despite all she has been through, her light shines so bright. Her bravery and courage is what I admire most, she goes to all lengths to ensure her daughter Zoe is taken care of each and every day. She spares no expense to be the best mother she can be.

She wants Mamas to know it’s okay to ask for help during these times. Support is key and doesn’t make you any less of a mom.


So much gratitude for Kym and her willingness to share her story. Thank you, Kym.

Love, love, love,