She is beautiful, brave, strong, and kind but needs some reassurance that she is on the right path. Her relationships are stable and healthy, even though there may be one or two that could use some TLC. There are also some, she wishes she could avoid altogether. She has a few close friends that always have her back, and many acquaintances cheering her on from a far. She is a hard worker, a slight overachiever and is proud of her accomplishments. Her income supports her family and their lifestyle as needed. She loves her child(ren) deeply and wholeheartedly. She has a hobby that she occasionally enjoys. She is not perfect by any means, but she is a perfect fit for her family’s needs. She is always striving to improve, learn, and grow for the sake of others. However, she struggles with seeking approval and acceptance from others that may not fully understand or appreciate her journey. She understands the trials of modern motherhood but is hopeful for triumphs. Her frustrations comes from feeling powerless to create immediate impacts or change views of others to see more clearly. She is accountable, but sometimes too quick to blame. She is looking for support, protection, and security– even though she knows life is full of uncertainty. She gets frustrated with “slow” progress in many areas of her life, but just needs a reminder that consistency brings success. She always has good hearted intentions, even if she has a tendency to not fully commit for a sustainable time. She takes time to relax and renew herself when she can. She does not think it is selfish to fill her own cup before pouring to others. She has some body issues, but nothing some heath and fitness can’t cure, if she only had time to commit. She craves identity, purpose, and meaning other than being a mom, a wife, an employee. She wants to thrive. She loves to travel, seek adventures, just laugh and be goofy without any criticism. She always wants to help others in times of need and to lift others spirits even when everything is okay. She appreciates the beauty of Earth and nature, but prefers to stay safely indoors away from bugs and creatures. Although, she is an animal lover. She wishes to live out her dreams with her family by her side. Fears of failure, inadequacy, and unworthiness tend to creep into her mind and caution her from taking the risks necessary to jump right in. She subconsciously compares herself to others that appear to have it better, but knows not to trust the highlight reel. She is still that little girl who may have been made fun of, trying to prove her “cool” factor to the world. She is conscious and aware of her flaws, she accepts those she cannot change and tries to do better with those she can. She wants to live without drama and toxicity. She wants to live fully. She wants time and financial freedom, but understands it is a process. She is typical for the technology world where she is impatient and wants instant gratification. She is a super mama. She wants to teach her children all the good in the world, all the powerful techniques that the laws of the universe provide. All the emotional intelligence and mental strength that are left out of school curriculum. She wants to set her children up for success in life, financially, inter -personally, and professionally but also wants to protect the creative dreamer that sits inside all children.

So who is she? You tell me— is this you?

If your answer is yes, let’s connect!

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