moanSince Moana is Dylan’s Favorite movie and it’s basically on repeat in my house, which I am not complaining about because it has become one of my favorites too. It has so many lessons for me that relate to the point in my life right now. And even more to teach your little ones.

1. Minimalism and Appreciating that our basic needs are met.

The island of Moto Nui shows that we need very little to survive and thrive. Nature provides us gifts and fruits of essential needs, they work together to provide as a village. In America today, we take for granted our basic needs- we need to be grateful for the most basic needs that are met each day. 

2. Come together as a community.

When the darkness falls, they come together instead of showing up in greed, fear, and gluttony.

3. Listen to your calling.

Everyone has a purpose on this Earth, get quiet and listen to yours. Take aligned actions toward fulfillment and the world will reap the benefits.

4. Sometimes it’s not about seeking your parents approval.

In most cases, you are not what your parents want you to be, that does not mean you are “bad” We are all different, sometimes understanding that our parents will not understand or accept of our choices is the hardest hurdle. But when you are thriving in your purpose they will see clearly. 

5. You are you, nothing external is needed for that truth.

Maui claims his hook makes him who he is, but then realizes that with or without it, he is Maui. Moana shows this strength as well after her grandmother’s spirit visits her. All the answers are inside. 

6. Faith in yourself will take you far.

Moana knows this journey is tough, but she does spectacular things by just having faith in her ability. She jumps to fight Kocamora for the Heart, she jumps into the realm of Monsters, and not to mention the entire journey across the sea to save her village.

7. The universe has your back.

The ocean provides Moana the guidance she needs to complete the tasks in front of her. It does not do the work for you, however if you are brave enough to make the move, it will guide you and protect you each step of the way. 

8. You’re braver, stronger, and more capable than you think.

Moana doubts herself throughout the movie, but each time she renews in herself the spirit of not giving up- we are all stronger, braver, smarter, kinder, and capable. We just need to stop listening to the doubt, fear, and judgments in our heads. 

9. We can lose ourselves when we stray from Love as our guide.

Tei Fitti had her Heart Space stolen from her, look at how dark she became, literally made of rock and sought. If we live from our heart space, we create life, joy, and pure love. If we stray from love and live from fear- our world’s will turn very dark. 

10. The Earth and it’s fruits are our friends and need to be protected and nurtured.

The Earth provides so much love to us, and we treat it so awfully. How can we make small changes that create a big impact in the favor of nature that in return will provide us with EVERYTHING we need to sustainable live and thrive.


Gosh, I love Disney. Embrace the Journey and remind yourself of the magic.

With Love & Gratitude,