This letter is to myself as an imperfect Mama & to anyone that it resonates with. 
Dear Mama,

You are enough. I support you in your decisions to raise your children with love, kindness, and gratitude. It may be tough to stand your ground when the whole world wants to shake you down to normality, you are tough too. You have the greatest intentions for you baby. You have the vision of love and light than cannot be dimmed by those who simply do not choose to understand. Do not judge them for that. It is not their fault. Stand tall in the light, and others will potentially come out of the dark. Show up for you, your husband, and your babies in the highest good. Be you. Be messy, silly, vulnerable, and show your authentic self each day. Your children will be thankful you did. As an imperfect mama, you have a messy home, you have doubt in your ability to be a good mom, you have a million imperfections, but that is what makes you, perfectly you. No one else can be you, you as a mom, or you as a wife. It is okay to have messy hair and stained clothes, it is okay to give in to extra snacks, it is okay to take crazy pictures with Santa, it is okay to do whatever you can and whatever makes you happy in that moment. If you like screentime, if you don’t like screentime. If you like organic foods, if you don’t like organic foods. If you do Energy and WooWoo practices, or if you spoil your babies with gifts. The universe is on your side. Stay facing true north, be patient, know you are being guided and on the right track. Questioning yourself just validates that you want to best for your family. But have faith that you are doing just fine. Your tribe understands you, even if others do not. Your soul is beautiful, your smile shines bright, and your spirit is pure. Stay true to that core in everything you do. Do not criticize or judge yourself, don’t let the judgments and criticisms of others get you down. You are enough. You are an imperfect Mama, just like EVERY other Mama to have ever lived. You are perfect for your little one who chose you. I love you, I am here for you, I am proud of you.


With the most love and gratitude,