Oprah refers to “Sunrise Faith” in Day 19 of her and Deepak Chopra’s “Become What You Believe 21 Day Meditation Experience.” This has always resonated deeply with me since the first time I heard it years ago.

I do not identify with a specific religion, but I do have faith– in this Universe, in energy, and in the life force that allows the Sun to Rise each and every day, as she states. It is the shared source no matter who, what, and where you are in this world.

I think this theory is so simple, so connecting, and so pure. It is what I hope and dream of the billions of us on this Earth can one day understand.

No matter our differences in appearance, beliefs, and socioeconomic status, we all experience this Sun rising each day. We are all on the same Soul level.

One of my deepest hopes for my life is to live in a Community of kindness. Where Humanity is based on Love. People are generous and grateful instead of greedy and glutton. There is no struggle, stress, or drama. Everyone respects each other’s differences and judgement is scarce. Compassion and Acceptance are plentiful. All the fundamentals of Love are taught and practiced so that people thrive, instead of fight to survive. Chemicals, pollution, and corporations do not rule. Life is simple and joyful.

This may be naive and far-fetched. However, if enough of us are just crazy enough to believe in ourselves, one day, we can breed change. Just as sure as I am the Sun will Rise, I am sure there are many others that feel the same.

Who agrees? I am sending love and peace to each one of you. Those who don’t? I am sending love to each one of you.

That is Sunrise Faith.