So yesterday I discovered an article about ” Modern Motherhood Only Pertains to White Moms” and I began to think about how this society is seriously messed up.

So I wanted to share what I “see” when I see a Mama out in Public with her children or at an family event, or anywhere, because it for certain isn’t race.

When I see a Mom, I see strength.

I see courage to make it through this crazy life with the responsibility of raising children on her back.

I see the struggle many face each day.

I see the unconditional love that pours out of every cell in her body.

I see her tiredness, her exhaustion, her deprivation.

I see her willingness to keep on no matter what.

I see the guilt, the unwavering faith, and everything in between.

I see the body that carried her children.

I see the soul that shines when her children are joyful.

I see the heart that breaks when her children are in pain.

I see the relentless perseverance to ensure they are happy and healthy.

I see the beauty, the light, the love beaming from their eyes.

I see the surrender. I see giving.

I see me.

What do you see? No matter what that answer is, let’s make it a point to unite as Mothers and send love and kindness to each other!

Let’s come together as the powerful community we are.

Let’s be brave and show our vulnerability to one another because we are all fighting the same battles.

I admire every single Mother on this planet that just wants to be the best she can be for her kids. No matter what she looks like, what her beliefs are(if they come from a place of love), or where she comes from.

Bless us all!
With Love and Gratitude,