Hello Beautiful Mamas!

I am a Super Mama.

Not because I am perfect and can do it all.

Not because I always know what to do and maintain a calm-cool-collected self.

Not because I look fabulously put together at all times and never have a misbehaved child.

Not because I can afford the best care, nutrition, activities, and clothes for my child.

But because I set an intention each day to give my best effort in this jungle called Motherhood.

I show up confident in who I want to be as a Mama and try my damnedest to exude those qualities. But I fall short and that is okay.

I do my best to balance work, family, health, fun, passion, and doing nothing. Some days I feel in flow, others I cry.

I work hard to make my decisions from a place of love and not fear of judgement, lack, or inadequacy.

I am learning to set boundaries and to stand firmly by them no matter who tries to knock me down.

I am working each day on accepting myself as is even though I struggle with body image specifically my weight, high expectations of myself, and feelings that I am not good enough.

I am grateful for all that I am and have. I am grateful for my imperfections. I am flawed. I struggle with anxiety and irrational and intrusive thoughts, it became so bad after Dylan was born that I went on medication and am nervous to come off. But I increase my superpowers with mindful practices so one day I can.

I desire so strongly to give the best to my beautiful boy and any future souls that choose me to be their mom. I want to teach him all the techniques and practices I had to learn as an adult.

I am in debt and fear lack so that my family is provided for. I work hard each day to keep up stable but I yearn for financial Independence more than most.

I wish I had more time to spend with my husband and son but I dedicate the minutes with them to being present, I fail at this quite often but my intention is unwavering.

I am working through many limiting beliefs that were established in my childhood. I am battling stories that I have been telling myself for years that are tales of the ego. I am becoming more of my truth so I can be a role model for my children to step into theirs.

I was made fun of to my face as a child. It still bothers me that I let it happen. I fear it happens as an adult and I am unaware. But it is none of my business and not a reflection of me.

I do my best to incorporate the Fundamentals of Love in my life each day. (Awareness, Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, Joy, Kindness, Generosity, Abundance, Resilience, & Silence)

My family doesn’t understand me. But I know they still love and support me.

I let myself learn to accept the things I cannot control and embrace the things that used to scare me.

I am an unhealed healer that can relate to many situations of motherhood even though I have only walked this life for 18 months. I am empathetic to energies and work through feeling all the feelings to gain emotional resilience.

And yes, in the picture below I am biting Dylan’s binky so he can take it back from me… Because no matter how weird that may be to some …. The joy that lights up on his face when we play that little game is worth any stupid judgement or comments.

I am imperfect, raising an imperfect child, in an imperfect world. And that is PERFECT.

I am a Super Mama because I love myself & my family.


Want to learn more about Unlocking Your Inner Super Mama, join me for Super Mama Saturday on December 8th.