My sweet baby boy,

you are my world.

And because you are my son I will forever love and do everything I can to protect you.

I will strive to give you the best of me.

I will apologize when I fail.

This world is so scary for a mama.

It is filled with fear and hate.

But I will do everything in my power to make sure your world is not.

I will teach you kindness and gratitude.

I will be there for your first skinned knee and your first broken heart.

I will instill acceptance and abundance into your mindset.

I can only have so much influence on you. You will have outside sources creep in.

I will try my best to prepare you for life, and give you all the skills to thrive.

I will expect respect and generosity.

I will guide you with honesty and integrity.

I will let you fail, to teach you to climb that mountain towards your dreams.

I will teach you to understand boundaries but also how to bust through ceilings of self limits.

You can do anything my sweet boy.

You can be anything my little one.

I hope you will be forever true to your core.

I will always lead you from the heart and allow you to be shown the way from your light.

You will be able to feel the energies of the universe and understand the connectedness of all life.

You will nourish your body and soul.

You will appreciate the Earth and its fruits.

I will show you how to be present not perfect.

I will show you to be joyful and messy.

I will show you how to find your passion and set goals.

Because you are my son.

You will understand culture, diversity, and unbounded classifications of the human race.

You will only conclude a person by their soul not by their looks.

I will teach you compassion.

I will never harness your creativity and spirit.

I will spend time with you in silence.

I will always kiss you goodnight.

This is my promise to you.

Because you are my son.