Hello Mamas, Fellow Maxers, Legacy Maxers, Aspiring Maxers, and other awesome folks!

I am rounding out the last week of the first Max Challenge I have participated in.

View my journey thus far here.

It has me thinking so much- What I have gained, what I have learned, why I never did this before, etc.

Keep reading for the answers to those questions also.

But the real present thought is My Challenge is not coming to an end, it is not complete. I still have so far to go, no matter how far I have come in these last 10 weeks, I have my entire life to live that I will be “challenged”.

Health and fitness is a lifelong process. My weight loss journey is that, a journey- not a destination.

I have and will always struggle with my weight, but I now am UP for the Challenge because of the tools and resources I have learned over the last 10 weeks.

I have Lost 12lbs, 6ish inches, and Gained an unbelievable amount of strength, stamina, and got back basic functions that were previously tough and uncomfortable to do.(bend over to put shoes on, walk up the stairs with Dylan).

I have learned I can push through my limits and break barriers that my Mind establishes. My body is amazing and capable of so much more than even though before. I was always afraid that I couldn’t “do” the things I have been able to.

I am a Lifelong Legacy Member of the Max. You are stuck with me for a long time to come !!

I am so grateful for everyone who supported me on this journey as well, and who will continue to be by my side.