The truth is September is approaching quickly. A time for renewal. Summer fades and fall creeps in. It is a transformative month.

So let’s make it a mission to elevate ourselves. Play this game with me. It is free!

It will be 21 days total and each day you have your choice of truth or dare.

Truth: will be tough questions for you to answer(but only for you to ask yourself), questions that will dig deep into your soul and pull out how you feel about you. Your body, mind, and spirit. All of you, but it will allow you to surface anything you need to let go of, because it no longer serves you.

Dare: will be call to actions, some may feel a bit uncomfortable, but each taking you closer to self-compassion and self-love. All working for your highest good.

Join me. Let’s take this leap together.

I dare you.

The journey is part of the destination.

Play Self-Care Truth or Dare.

Namaste and Love,

Nicole ?