Sometimes you don’t want to do things. Like drive up to Long Island to see your husband’s family you have really only seen at funerals. But of course you go, on the 1 of 2 days you have to relax before your jam packed work-max-miindful-mom week ia back in full swing… and then something amazing happens. You see the beauty in people that you may have not seen before, and you feel connected a little bit more. And you realize the whole family is actually pretty awesome, and there’s only a few bad seeds or should I say seed that unfortunately are the closest.

That is what happens when you step out of your comfort zone, do things you may not be thrilled about, but if you seek the beauty it will find you.

We as mothers need to remind ourselves of this- there is beauty in the chaos, there is beauty in the mess. There is always beauty to seek. There is always love waiting to be found.

I am so grateful for warmth I felt even for just a few moments today.

I am blessed my son has family that adores him dearly.

I am thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Namaste and love,