There has been so much money spent on all these “Superhero” movies, memorabilia, shows, etc. recently it has me thinking.

In my opinion, we need to teach our children who the REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES are BEFORE they start to idolize a fictional being.

Teach them about people who excude kindness, selflessness, and love.

Teach them about people who are fighting each day to make sure their families are provided for.

Teach them about single parents who do it all, stay at home parents, working parents, who just want the best life for their kids.

Teach them about people struggling with an illness or disability but still have a bright light within them.

Teach them about those who volunteer their time.

Teach them about people who rescue animals, people who rescue people and kids in this world that want to make a difference.

Teach them about First Responders, Nurses & Caregivers.

Teach them about Teachers.

Teach them about the Troops fighting for our Freedom.

Don’t show them that the world is a scary, bad place. Show them all those who try every single day to make it better.

This way, you can instill those ‘Super hero’ traits in them from the very start. I am not talking about flying, shooting webs, or defeating crazy villains. I am talking about generosity, gratitude, hard work, and perseverance.

They can and will actually grow up to be someone that can positively impact this world, instead of feeling inadequate because they cannot scale buildings and fly.

My son is my superhero, his light is so bright. I feel like a superhero when I think about my pregnancy, birth, and sustaining another life.

Let’s take a moment to think about who in your life is a superhero. Point them out to your babies/kids.

& Thank you to all those out there who are superheroes.

Namaste and Love