I finally shared my birth story. Why? Because the last week has been such a flash back of time. It feels like it all just happened, I remember it so clearly. And now, I have a One year old. How does that happen.

It happens like this.

You came into our world, smiling- and have not stopped since. You have tested me in ways I never knew existed. My body had to heal from the craziest trauma it has ever encountered. My mind had to heal from the hormone roller coaster it was on for almost a year. That was the scariest part. Your smile has gotten me through it all.

I am truly the most blessed Mama in the world. You have brightened my soul, and that was something that never needed healing since you joined our family. It has only gotten stronger and more full of love.

Dylan John, you were the most laid back newborn, the most well behaved infant, and the brightest soul in our lives.

You have grown to be so full of energy, life, and love that you express each and every day.

You inspire me to do the same in every aspect of my life. I vow to you, with all of my heart- I will try my best each day to keep you true to that being.

I vow not to let this world get you down, and only let it beauty and love.

I vow to help and support you through any grief, fear, or hurt you may encounter with a full heart.

I vow to never let you doubt your true self because of society and social norms.

I vow to love myself, your father, and our furfamily to ensure you are always surrounded by a loving home.

I vow to teach you strength, kindness, gratitude and abundance.

I vow to let you live the life you choose. No matter the path it takes. (unless it’s drugs or violence)

I vow to love you with my whole heart every single day and always kiss you goodnight.

Happy Birthday Munchkin ?

Mommy is so proud to be yours.