Today is the day! & it is a long one, so bare with me. The end is beautiful.

So I finally woke up, well I never slept, so basically it was an appropriate time to wake John up, try to eat breakfast and call the OB to tell him the fun I had all night long.

I ate cereal and it came right back up(sorry for the grossness but thats a clear sign of labor.) & I was scheduled to go get checked at 10ish.

We get to the doctor’s and he FINALLY confirms that I am about 4cm dilated and to go to the Hospital. 3rd time is a charm, right? RIGHT! I was admitted! I apoligize for not remembering the names of the two nurses who helped me both Sunday night and Monday Morning, but I thank you for making sure I was comfortable.

So we get to the hospital, alert the press (family), and call the Doulas, who have been there for me every freakout of the way. Next ish got real.

Purple Donna was the nurse that I needed to help me deliever this sweet boy. She was a bright soul, aligned with my Doula team. Anna arrived and did not leave my side the entire day. Her hands were in my back for every contraction, her strength had me breathing when my Oxygen levels dropped* which was almost every contraction… so I was prepared even before they came. She also was rubbing my calves to help the contractions as well.

The hardest and longest part of the day was, shocker, getting the IV and labs done. For anyone who doesn’t know my struggle with bloodwork, I don’t have surfaced veins and need to drink a lot of water prior to getting bloodwork, which I had become a PRO at, since my fertility journey begun. However, going through 36 hours of back labor had me not really worried about this fact.

Once they got the IV in, they were able to get labs about an hour later.

The doctor came in and officially broke my water around 12:30.

Purple Donna neglected to listen to the orders of Pitocin the dr suggested which I was grateful for.

We tried the CUB to help labor pains but it was not cooperating with the monitor.

My husband was there in the perfect way, he gave me all the love I needed that day, but he let the doulas and nurses drive the ship, he understood that I needed professionals to get me through this, but he never left my side and heart.

I finally got an epidural around 7-8 cm, and had some relief. I was able to relax and let my body do what it had to do in order to bring Dylan to us. The epidural helped my mind get out of my way. The pain had kept interfering with my soul’s voice. So I was grateful for it.

Okay, let’s fast forward to shift change -7pm.. Purple Donna lubed me up down there, sprayed some lavender and left for the evening. Briana who actually did my first intake visit at my OB office stepped in. It was nice to see a familiar face.

Speaking of familiar faces, Shea was able to join us as well, which made my whole experience complete. Both doulas had been so amazing, but together they are the perfect combination. So I was so blessed to have them both present for what happened next.

Dr. Neil, who I never met before, woohoo,-no actually he was very nice.. walked in shortly after. He checked me and I was “10cm station 2” basically, I was ALMOST READY. Lol almost. Well he said I could start pushing.

Anna double and triple checked with both the Dr. and nurses that in fact I could start pushing. They confirmed and both walked out of the room. Again, LOL. Anna looked at me and told me a contraction was coming and instructed me how to push.

Fun fact- the epidural they give now, does nothing for the pain when the baby actually comes- you feel it all.

So back to pushing, contraction came- I pushed, and Dylan crowned!!!!

Yes, you read that right! 1st push.

Bed was not apart, nurses gloves were not on, doctor not in room-top of head was out.

At that moment, I thought the doulas would be catching him. Well Briana ran in as it was happening and called the Dr. The other nurse grabbed his gloves and started quickly prepping.. at that moment I thought the nurses where going to catch him.

I was being told to clench and wait. (That simple right, as a BABY IS COMING OUT OF ME.)

The doctor came, found new gloves, and told me to push again, 2nd push head & shoulder- 3rd push the rest of my beautiful baby boy entered this world. With a lot of fluid. Sorry, Anna!

From that moment, I had a flood of pride and yearning for my baby. I had to deliver my placenta and get stitched before I could hold him… it felt like forever.

Finally, my Dylan was in my arms. He was the purest form of love and joy I had ever experienced. I was in disbelief (and still am to this day) that I grew and delievered this sweet soul. I made a baby. I made a human. I delievered through my women parts a child. Yes, still amazing. Women are seriously superheroes. So are Doulas, nurses, husbands, and OBs. But mostly women. The consciousness of the universe and of us is so incredible.

Babies enter our world each day, but on June 6th 2017, my world entered our family.

I am so blessed to have had such a positive birth experience, to say the least. I know many that do not go as smoothly. I am forever grateful to all those who helped and supported me.

I am so thankful for the most beautiful baby boy in the universe.

Who is now ONE. (See next post).