So around 1:30 we were discharged from the hospital. On my way home, I started getting this pain, similar to gas pains, in my back. When we got home, John went to sleep and I proceeded to deal with this pain, I took a Gas X, and tried to spend some time pacing the living room, in and out of the bathroom… but it wouldn’t go away. Around 5:30, I couldn’t take it anymore, woke up John and we went back to the hospital.

After some check ups they said I was still not dilated and said to walk around the floor a bit to potentially break my water. Shea came by the hospital, and was putting pressure on my back what felt like every two minutes as we walked and I contracted.

Around 10, they told me unfortunately I had to go back home as these were “false contractions” and I cannot be induced because I was only 37 weeks. (Sound familiar?) I questioned them this time because I was certain it was the real thing. They insisted, and just told me to rest and go to my scheduled Doctor’s appointment that Thursday.

Shea came home with us and tried to make me as comfortable as possible.

*Side note- I cannot express how incredibly grateful and lucky I was to have the Doula Team I did. They were my superheroes during my birth. I recommend them to ANYONE AND EVERYONE. *

My mom also came by the house, I was so tired, trying to nap, drinking gatorade to keep hydrated. Every couple minutes the pain in my back was so bad, I couldn’t sleep for more than 5 minutes.

This went on for hours… my mom said for us to come over for dinner to get me out and about. So we went. My Aunt Daniella was there, along with my sister, and Lina’s dad. They all questioned how I looked. I was pale and clearly in pain. I was able to eat a little bit, and my mom gave me a heating pad which became my new best friend.

When we returned home that night, John went to bed and I stayed in the nursery trying to meditate, in my Rocker, with the heating pad on my back. Every contraction I would press the heating pad into my back harder and harder to relieve the pain. It was a pattern, a few contractions then into the bathroom to pee. This continued ALL night long. I just kept thinking I could not do this for the next 3 weeks, would it go away? Would it be constant? Or was I in actual labor like my gut told me?

I just remained as calm as possible and knew the conciousness that grew my baby, would know what to do.

See you tomorrow for the good parts!