I held Angelina Elizabeth in my arms on Memorial Day, 2017 for the first time. The beautiful soul in my very large belly jumped for joy every time she was close to him. I was lucky enough to then spend three more days in a row with her that week. Someone was getting impatient and maybe a little jealous that he was not here to join the party.

My due date was June 24th, but ask almost anyone, my thoughts were different than scientific reasoning. He was coming “early” 38 weeks, was my declaration. However, the universe couldn’t let me have the control.

I spent June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with Angelina & on June 4th, Dylan began his long journey into the world.

It was a Sunday afternoon, my company was holding there 2nd annual 5K, and I was home, thinking about those who were participating while I was resting. John went out in the morning, and when he got home we layed in bed for a little. All of a sudden there was a rush and a gush between my legs. I stood up, he ran to get a towell and I called Shea, my doula.

At that point, I had not received the Strepp B results yet, she advised that the Dr. may want to start me on antibiotics right away if I called.. I wasn’t having contractions yet so she said to get on my Birthing Ball, watch a funny movie, and relax. If I started to feel contractions, then give them a call. I was shaking with excitement and anxiousness. My husband was in awe. I immediately jumped on my work laptop and started to “Brain Dump” all I could to my manager and the coworker who was taking on my role during my leave. I was supposed to have an additional week to train her but Dylan had other plans.

So the rest of the afternoon was spent in wonder. I hadn’t been feeling any contractions but the uncertainty had me stirring. I did not want it to be 2am and all of a sudden need to be rushed to CMM.

Around 8, I called my doctor and he advised I go to the hospital. When I arrived, they did some tests and concluded my water only “leaked ” or I just peed myself.(which I knew for certain I did not ) I still had 16 CCs on fluid which was high and was not dialated more than a fingertip. I was on the monitor and around midnight started to feel slight and manageable contractions. I was told they were just false labor and I was only 37 weeks so I could not be induced (not that I wanted to be) I just wanted someone to believe me. I knew in my soul, my sweet boy was on his way. ?

This is a 3 part story. Check back tomorrow for part 2.