The most basic and intuitive feeling in this world is love. It is the all knowing energy of connected consciousness in the universe.

Huh? I know sounds not so simple. But as I sit here on my first Mother’s Day night, finishing my daily bedtime routine of Oprah & Deepak Meditation, a bottle, some reiki, and just enjoying this sweet soul. All I am thinking is that…. this is it. This is love. It is that feeling of pure joy and peace.

We as adults make love so complex, so labelled, so tainted.

Babies are the true expressions of love. From the moment they enter this world that is all they know.

If we strip love down to it’s purest form, it is truly magical.

Love doesn’t care what kind of car you drive, what you are wearing, what you bought them for mother’s day or any other day… love is just being.

Being there each night to feel safe and lay your head down.

Being … we should really just be called Love Beings it is the “Human” that makes it complicated.

I am so grateful for this little blessing that reminds me each night just how important Love is in this world.

I love you all.