Life is hectic for everyone.

I always say ” everyone has their ish”

I am no different, currently, I am buying a bigger home, my boss just quit, my MIL is being unreasonable and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

But I sit here with my little baby laying on my chest, and all I can feel is love.

All that other stuff doesnt matter. I am grateful for these moments, these tiny reality checks that put the chaos of my mind at ease and are just simply filled with love.

Money, career, family drama… it of course can be important but not worth losing your mind over.

I am grateful for the opportunities life has granted me over the past almost 6 years that John and I have been together. We have had our challenges but we overcome them all together. We have gone from barely making 50k a year to almost tripling annual combined salary. Because we work hard and want the best for our family.

With that comes some stress. But also so much more, appreciation, pride, joy, and peace of mind that we are surrounded by love.

Please remember that no matter how crazy life gets, just stop and fill yourself with love in all forms.

Love is gratitude, joy, kindness, acceptance, abundance, and calmness..

Teach this to your little ones, so their learned reaction is peace not ‘fight or flight’.

Namaste and Love

Nicole ?