I was ALWAYS terrified of pregnancy and birth.

I never knew how I could get through it physically, mentally, emotionally.

I almost passed out talking about bloodwork for YEARS, so how could I possibly go through everything that was entailed in creating, growing, and delivering a life into the world.


I trusted my body and my baby to know what to do on that day. I put complete faith in the self that is deeper than anything that can be explained or seen. I had a beautiful birth that showed me my true self, my strength, my beauty, and my higher power.

So much of women being pregnant and the birth experience is downplayed. But if we stop to really think about what our bodies actually do, all on their own, without amy thought or direction from ourselves, its truly incredible.

I found myself on the day Dylan was born. I did not do it alone by any means… i had amazing support in my husband, my family and friends, my doulas, and my gentlebirth meditations. But none of them could have done it for me… i did it.

Dylan is 8 and a half months old and I am still amazed each day that I created this beautiful soul.

I am so grateful for this power and so happy to carry it with me through motherhood. It reassures me I can do anything as long as I trust in myself.