I know it has been a bit since I have posted… but the reason is around the topic of this post.

I am amazed with the resistance most people have with creating human connections. I have the desire and am compelled to create some synchronicity with others when I meet them. Whether in an elevator or in a waiting room. A simple smile and some small talk can feel so good, rather than staring down at your phone. Trust me I feel like there are so many positive and powerful resources in technology we have today. But lets get some chemicals churning for interaction with others.

We are currently house hunting, I have been priviledged to cross paths with some sellers in this process so I can learn the story of the home, where they are headed in their journey next, and share our path.

Everyday is an opportunity to make new connections. Just remember, every moment is ours and can begin anything you want.

On a side note- i am working on a big project to spread the message of love to the world. Starting at the foundation.

If anyone is interested in partnering or learning more about it please feel free to reach out ?

Namaste and Love