Today I am feeling a little out of alignment and started dwelling on some negative things like debt, uncertainties, and some negative people. So being miindful is about catching yourself in those states before they completely snowball and take over. So this is me taking my happiness back and Choosing to look at the amazing things in my life instead of those silly little annoyances.

So here it goes.

I love my hair. It is so full and soft! The color is vibrant and I love running my fingers through it. I am so in love with Dylan’s version of the word Mama, it is so adorable to see him learning new things each day. I love my husband’s good heart and cute face. I love the art and story on my body in my iink, I love the toughness and stregnth I have in those moments of being tattooed. Even moreso the strength I remember when Dylan was born. I love that we are living in a time of awakening. I love my instagram feed of positive beings and finding new ones each day. I love my puppies and their cuddle time at night.  I am so excited for the new adventurers to come in househunting. I am thrilled to plan Dylans birthday. I am #sograteful for the Shutterfly app that makes my desk at work filled with pictures of my adorable son. I love my family and how close we have grown this year since these beautiful souls joined us. I love my fitbit even though it reminds me how lazy i can be. My job is amazing. I feel like I make a difference and I matter. I love love love my intentions for goodness.. i am working on my execution of those intentions. I am excited to constantly be improving. I love finding new inspiration and mentors to look up to. I love smiling and laughing. Dylan has the best laugh in the world.
I love love. I love my life. 
Take a deep breathe and I feel so good 🙂

I am on top of the world. 

It is that easy ?

This will be an exercise in my Challenge starting Feb 1.

Sign up now!! 

Namaste and Love