The Christmas Season, some absolutely love it, others just feel it is completely annoying. 

I myself love the SPIRIT of Christmas.

You know, the songs- the movies, the lights and most importantly the feeling you get when you find the very meaningful gift for someone and you envision their eyes lighting up as they open it.

Every year I do the same thing, tell myself I am only buying for X, Y, and Z. Then I get going and I want to buy for the world. Something comes over me… it can only be explained as the Christmas Spirit. 

That is what this season is all about, joy. 

Let’s remember that when we are in the moment of long lines, crowded parking lots and food stores, or traffic. 
Take a deep breathe and cherish these moments like you did when you were a child & make your children’s season filled with these moments. 

Merry Christmas

Namaste and Love