My son.

He is my world. 

He is the cutest, happiest baby I know. 

(Of course I am bias)

But look at that face. 

Try not to see the future that this picture posesses (his hand located where it is, just a coincidence). 

I look at him and am so proud.

Proud of myself for creating this beautiful soul.

Proud of his daddy for being such an amazing father.

Proud of the universe for blessing us with this cheerful being that is full of love and light. 

I vow to keep his energy this way as long as I possibly can. 

I vow to surround him with only positive beings. No matter what.

I vow to do what my gut tells me is best for him. 

I vow to always remain full of love, like him.

I am a proud mama. 

Namaste and Love