Having a baby is hard. Being a parent is harder. Only the women will ever know what it feels like to carry and birth a child, but parenthood is a two way street. It is a trying time in every relationship I can only imagine. In a million different scenarios, I can not picture one where its perfect by any means. It is a learning experience.  Couples have to learn how to function together with this new addition to your lives. Hormones are flying, sleep can be scarce, things are very different. 

Part of being a parent( when you are in a relationship) is making time to support each other in their journey to figure it all out. I will be the first to admit I am difficult to deal with and I am so grateful for my husband. He was there when I was going through my post partum filling my ridiculous requests. I try to support him in ways he needs as well. But I am not perfect. It is going to take work, on both of our ends. That is how marriage is supposed to be right, working together through the hard times. 

I am controlling and a bit of a workaholic. I am not susie homemaker by anymeans. But i love him more than anything in this world and I know Dylan has the best father in the world. He just needs support.

This is my promise to him, that I am improving myself in 2018 to be a better 1/2 to our Whole. 

For all you couples out their, reflect on where you can improve your support, your love, or your efforts. 

Love is the greatest thing in the world, once you find it dont let it go… Everything else is just bullshit, dont let it interfere with your happiness ? 

Namaste and Love