Happy Monday!

Do you feel sometimes you cant catch a break, and then you dwell on what is going wrong and more wrong seems to happen?

It is almost engrained in our brains to do this… we just brush it off with a simple ” murphys law”, or “when it rains it pours”. 

If we can catch ourselves doing this and turn to gratitude and what is still amazing in our lives instead.. we could be pleasantly surprised in how quickly the dark cloud goes away. 

That my friends, is miindfulness. Not always being positive 100% of the time, but being aware when we are being negative and making an active choice to change. In meditation, it is not about not thinking but observing those thoughts and actively going back to silence. 

This is a practice that if we teach our children from early on, it could change their lives. It is that simple. 

Namaste and Love