We could all use some positivity in our lives. There is never too much good energy! 

I want to spread this as much as I can so please take the dive and join me !

Here are a few ways:

Anyone can join my 21 day Goals and Gratitude Challenge. This will consist of 10 minutes of your time each morning and night. You will get reminders and motivation. 

Email miindfulmama@gmail.com with the subject “G & G Challenge” to sign up! It is totallly free to participate and no Spam emails afterwards. 

Also, there will be an option for a deluxe package including a notebook, reiki braclet, and copy of my Ebook. 

Next, you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter on the 6th of each month starting in 2018, this will feature a mama spotlight, stories, recommendations, and more. Email miindfulmama@gmail.com with the Subject “Be a Miindful Mama” 
Finally, you can preorder by Ebook ” Miindful Mama” that will be released December 6th. The first 16 people will receive it for $1.06, regular price $3.99.
Take a chance, it could only benefit you. 

Namaste & Love