The most powerful concept in our world. 

It is next to breathing, the most important thing to teach your children. 

Thoughts can control your reality. If you consistently produce and believe positive thoughts, then your reality will reflect positive conditions. 

Thoughts as in true belief and emotional backing of these ideals and concepts of your life.

Humans have a built in negativity bias, so we need to begin to create these positive habits from infancy.

Creating clear thoughts and writing them down each and every day will produce real results.

Creating a vision board could be a fun and impactful way to begin this concept with your infants or toddlers. They will grasp the visuals because they cannot yet read or write. 

The cognition of the concept is the most important factor, and instilling the habit as early as possible. It should be as necessary as brushing their teeth.

There are many universal laws that back this as well… if you are interested you can look at just about anyone on my influences page to learn more. 
Namaste & Love,