Mondays have this stigma to them that I want to break. Myself, I am a fan of Mondays… almost like that first day of school feeling you get each year, but you get a small dose each and every week. 

Why do most dread Mondays? 

Probably because the weekend is over and we are back to work thinking about everything we have to do with the hustle and bustle of our lives.  

This is where being mindful really is key. 

Take each moment as it comes. Put yourself in your own little box and stay there. Do whatever works for you. Trial and Error may be needed.

Take a deep breathe, 

Inhale 1, 2, 3, 4.

HOLD 1, 2.

Exhale 1, 2, 3, 4.

Now take another. 

Feel your breath fill your body, feel the air on your nostrils. 

Once more. That is simply miindfulness.

Set a reminder on your phone a couple times a day to stop for 1 minute, then maybe 2 or 5. 
That is all you need. Teach yourself these habits then teach your children… they imitate everything you do. 

Namaste & Love