I went through a small fertility journey and my meditation practice definitely helped me through the many doctor appointments, bloodwork, and ultrasounds. It was 2 months of very needed miindfulness. Although I have practiced meditation since I was 18, I really found my silence during that time. When we found out we had been blessed with a “bean” as I called him for the first 20 weeks or so, I continued my practice throughout my entire pregnancy. Most of the time it was either done in my bed, or in my rocker in the nursery. My meditation also incorporates my self reiki as well. It was “my time” than became “our time.”

I was so grateful to have a very smooth pregnancy and even birth process. After Dylan was born, 2 weeks into motherhood I was diagnosed with Postpartum OCD. I thought I could get through it with my practice, but medically it was more than that. So I sought help in therapy and treatment.* Please if you are feeling any signs of Postpartum Mood Disorders do not be afraid to get the help you need. There are so many resources now available. I was textbook case for PPOCD and it was very scary, but now I am myself again and able to regain my Miindfulness as well as my Confidence as a new mom.

Now Dylan is beginning to be strong enough to sit up with support so we have ” Mama & Me” meditation time. On his foam titles in his nursery, after some tummy time, we relax and just breathe. Of course at this age he cannot fully participate but it allows us to begin a habit that as soon as he can begin to understand we can build upon. I know babies are very active at this age so he likes to eat his fingers and do rasberries but even 5 minutes of silence and breathe is impactful.

I am looking forward to the next year to see how his involvement evolves and we can grow our practice together.

The benefit in being able to teach your children these habits is that you become better at them and more consistent as well.

Take this opportunity to share this special bond with your baby at any and every stage.
I would love to hear your stories as well. Comment below 🙂
Namaste & Love